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I took my older daughter to her little sister's music class this weekend and she was so excited to go back, being a former Music Together® student. I could tell she really enjoyed herself during the class. After we were all buckled in our car seats and ready to head home, she said to me, "Mom, I didn't like that class!" I was shocked and didn't respond right away, pondering what went wrong...she then threw her arms up in the air and yelled, "I LOVED IT!". She's not that easy to impress, so I think it's a true testament to how great your classes are. We have enjoyed Music Together classes for four years now. They have taught me so much about incorporating music into my everyday routines. Whenever we sing it seems to make everything a little more fun!
Gratefully, Kerin, Maya and Liv Hilton

Kerin, Maya and Liv Hilton

"We started Music Together with my son Frankie when he was 8 months old (now he is almost 3). It has been amazing to watch his love for music develop. For the first few semesters, he would just sit quietly and take it all in. As he gets older, he participates more and more, and has developed an incredible sense of rhythm and timing. It is great fun for his Dad and I as well - no matter what type of mood we are in when class starts, we come out with a great big smile, feeling very relaxed. We have sang and danced with almost all of the teachers - they are all top-notch professionals, with a great love for entertaining children (and adults too). By the end of this year, we will have experienced every one of the nine different music collections!" Debra Mirabella, Mom to Frankie 3 years old.

Debra Mirabella, Mommy

"As a mother, I can say that music has been a huge part of my family's life. We love to sing along with familiar songs, and the Music Together program with Mary has given our girls the freedom to express their singing and dancing talents. It's been a wonderful experience for both myself and my girls as well!" Doris Chaou, mom to Chelsea 5 years old, and Kayla 4 years old.

Doris Chaou, Parent

"The greatest gift of Music Together is that no matter how you think you sound when you sing, singing to your child, and then along with your child, is the greatest sound that you ever make!" Cindy Yue, Mom of Ashleigh 3 1/2 years old, and Brendan 10 months old.

Cindy Yue, Parent

"My daughter talks about Music Together class all week. She's singing and dancing all over the house! And I LOVE the class, too. I really look forward to listening to the cd and learning the new music each semester...I think I'm actually learning to sing!"

Music Together Parent

"An excellent and fun way to build language skills - great bonding time with mommy, too."

Music Together Instructor

"I've made some great friends here - our kids have grown up learning and loving music, together. We all love it!"

Music Together Parent